Questions about the OC Marathon

There's nothing surprising about organizers for the Orange County Marathon attempting to change the race's route. The current path -- basically along a concrete riverbed from Newport Beach to Irvine -- has to be the least scenic in America. The new route would spent more time on the Newport Beach coast before heading to Costa Mesa and finishing around South Coast Plaza.

But in reporting the story, Orange County Register columnist Frank Mickadeit, not known for his svelte figure, reveals a real bombshell: that he once ran a 3:35 marathon. That's sick fast. I'm not sure I would believe this tale, except I've seen hard evidence that my friend Hugh Hewitt pulled off a 3:12 marathon in his skinny youth.

P.S. On a serious note, news reports keep describing the OC Marathon as "profitable." But I've heard from several charities over the years that weren't happy with their cuts of the "profits." Anyone with more information can e-mail me at


The Pot Stirrer said...

Did you happen to notice that the announcement of the shift of the OC Marathon from Newport/Irvine to Newport/Costa Mesa dovetailed nicely with the announcement by one of the main players in this change, Costa Mesa Planning Commissioner Jim Righeimer, of his run for a City Council seat this year? Fortuitous, no? Cynical? Who, me? Nah! :-)

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